Leads Program

Emory LEADs Experience

A top priority for Emory University is our commitment to access, equity, and inclusion for all students. Emory’s Office of Undergraduate Admission is dedicated to creating a diverse pool of applicants from different backgrounds, lived experiences, and intellectual perspectives. We strive to shape an applicant pool that represents the breathtaking diversity of our world to create a community where students aren’t just existing, but one in with which students engage and intentionally learn from one another.

Introducing our emory leads experience

The Emory Leadership, Enrichment, Advocacy, and Discovery (LEADs) Experience offers resources to support students as they begin the college application process and explore their leadership potential beyond the classroom. LEADs also includes an in-person Leadership Retreat in October. LEADs is designed to support the recruitment of talented, high-achieving high school seniors who are either first-generation college students and/or from underrepresented cultural or socioeconomic backgrounds, including, but not limited to, Black/African American, Latinx/Hispanic, and Native/Indigenous student populations.

Apply for the Leadership Retreat

Our Purpose

The goal is to motivate students to learn more about themselves, develop their leadership potential, and further solidify their confidence, so that they can navigate the college application process feeling emboldened in the power of knowledge and the informed choices they make.

Through LEADs, you as students will gain a clearer understanding of how to pursue leadership, enrichment, advocacy, and discovery opportunities in college as well as the steps and timeline associated with how to stand out in the college application process, including how to:

  • Determine the characteristics of colleges and universities most important to you
  • Understand your strengths and weaknesses to find colleges and universities that best fit your long-term aspirations
  • Complete the college application in a way that showcases your authentic narrative and lived experiences
  • Explore academic interests as a way to broaden your potential career paths

Our Takeaways

All Emory LEADs Experience students will receive access to:

  • Four (4) LEADs College Admission Guidebooks and One (1) Key Resources Brochure, in both English & Spanish
  • The Emory LEADs Experience Live Discussion Board
  • Engagement opportunities with current student leaders, including via Welcome to College
  • Dedicated Admission Staff to support you in this process
  • Four (4) monthly newsletters, beginning in September

Our Timeline Of Events

  1. June

    The Emory LEADs Experience Application opens June 3rd

    The Emory LEADs Experience Interest Session, open to all interested students, families, counselors, and CBOs, is held on Thursday, June 13th at 1pm Eastern.

  2. August

    The Emory LEADs Experience Application closes August 11th at 11:59pm Eastern.

  3. September

    The Emory LEADs Experience Welcome Session, open to all applicants, is held on Thursday, September 12th at 7pm Eastern.

    Students receive the first LEADs Newsletter.

  4. Late September

    Students are notified if they have been selected to attend the in-person Leadership Retreat.

  5. October

    Students receive the second LEADs Newsletter.

    The Emory LEADs Experience continues with our three-day, overnight Leadership Retreat on October 17 – 19 for a limited number of select students to explore campus in the fall.

  6. November

    Students receive the third LEADs Newsletter.

    Students interested should consider applying by the November 15th Emory Merit Scholarship deadline.

  7. December

    Students receive the fourth and final LEADs Newsletter.

    The Emory LEADs Experience Office Hours, open to all applicants, is held as an opportunity to answer any questions as Regular Decision deadlines approach.

Our Audience

Any high school senior interested in learning more about Emory University and the college application process can participate. However, our tailored programming is designed to support first-generation and underrepresented students as they navigate the process.

If you are interested in participating, complete the LEADs Application.

Participation in LEADs, or lack there-of, has no impact on your admission decision or scholarship opportunities at Emory University.

Emory University does not track demonstrated interest or factor it into an applicant’s decision. We believe this helps us to admit students based on who they really are.

If you have any questions, please contact Senior Associate Dean, Timothy Fields, at