Applying is Easy

Applying to Emory University is done online through the Common Application or the Coalition Application. Students have the freedom to select either application, and the Admission staff is not, in any way, partial to one application over the other. Both applications offer the same personalized options to all students: to apply to either Emory College, Oxford College, or both and to select the desired admission plan.

Have questions about the application process? Review our Application Requirements and check out the Frequently Asked Questions page.

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Our Holistic Review Process

At Emory, learning is clearly what we are all about. We are a highly-selective university with stellar faculty and high-achieving students. But more than that, we are a community of vibrant thinkers, engaged students, and courageous learners. We are looking to challenge one another to be the best that we can be, and we are looking for students who will make a positive contribution to this dynamic community.

Important aspects of our holistic review process include evaluating:

  • Academic Preparation—This is a given, but curriculum, grades, and test scores matter. We typically look for students who've taken a more rigorous course load (which can vary from high school to high school, which we take into account) and have done well in those classes.
  • Recommendation Letters—Teachers know you best in the classroom, and we want to know what they think about you. You don't have to only ask teachers for recommendations if you've done great in a class that came easy to you (although that is OK!). Think about teachers of classes where you struggled and overcame the challenges. They've seen a different side of you that may be beneficial for us to know about.
  • Personal Statements and Essays—This is your place to show us who you are. We're looking for students who have a voice, who are intellectually curious, and have demonstrated an engagement with the world around them. Take time to pick the topic that suits you best, and be sure to proofread before submitting it.
  • Time Outside of Class—We seek students who will contribute well to the life of the university. While our student body is small compared to many other national universities, Emory has a campus life program comparable to much larger schools. What will you gain from our community and what will you give? Whether you've been involved in clubs, sports, a job, or community service, we want to know what gets you excited and makes you happy.

Which campus is best for you?

Much of the college search process is about finding a school where you feel like you can be a part of the community, be successful academically, and make friends. At Emory University, we have two distinct environments – starting points – for an Emory education. Emory College of Arts and Sciences in Atlanta, Georgia and Oxford College (45 minutes east of Atlanta).

Emory College of Arts and Sciences is a true fit for a student who values academic independence and the resources of a big city. At Emory College, you will find a transformative liberal arts experience backed by the resources and opportunities of a world-class research university. Classes are taught by professors who are both leading scholars in their fields and exceptional teachers. Learning is enriched by a student body that comes to Emory from all around the globe. A student's academics and life outside of class are enhanced by hands-on industry access and internship opportunities.

Oxford College is ideal for a student who seeks an intimate campus and early opportunities for leadership. Because the campus is comprised of only first- and second-year students, everything happening on campus with clubs and activities is led by – YOU. One of the hallmarks of Oxford is the opportunity for experiential learning. With smaller class sizes, interactions with your professors are the norm, not the exception. Faculty know students learn by doing, so they incorporate meaningful opportunities to combine knowledge with hands-on experience. All of these opportunities lay the foundation for the specialized work Oxford students do when they continue as juniors at Emory's Atlanta campus.