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BA Major, Minor

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Sociology majors explore how and why people interact with each other they way they do.

Emory’s Sociology program provides a challenging introduction, where you’ll learn to think critically about social problems with an emphasis on the intersections between disciplines, particularly between culture, social psychology, health, and inequality. And through the Research in Sociology at Emory (RISE) program, you’ll have opportunities to participate in research with faculty and graduate students.


Sociology is a broad field that will prepare you to pursue a career in wide range of directions, including social work and community service, legal and law enforcement, education, and business and health-related careers.

Recent graduates are working at PBS Television,the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Aid Atlanta, Americans for Democratic Action, Response Media, National Institute for Community Empowerment, and the New England Center for Children.

They’ve also gone on to pursue advanced degrees at such prestigious institutions as Harvard, UCLA, American University, Columbia, Boston University, Oxford University, and Johns Hopkins.

Rate of growth in jobs for Social Scientists
(faster than the national average)

Examples of Classes

The Sociology of Food

Narrow the knowledge gap between what is grown on our farms and what appears on our dinner tables, in a course designed to foster sociological inquiry accompanied by hands-on experience growing food on our Oxford campus' organic farm.

Islamophobia in America

This course examines Middle Eastern American advocacy and discriminatory programs, policies, and practices through the histories and contemporary portraits of several Middle Eastern American communities.

Sociology of Conservatism

Study the who, what, and how of contemporary American conservatism as you explore topics ranging from economic and social policy to constitutional law and health care to immigration and foreign affairs.

Research Title

Amina Dunn

Campus political engagement

Amina Dunn 18C, sociology and theater studies double major, was awarded an independent research grant to study political engagement on campus. She examined how identity shapes college students’ political perspectives and influences whether or not they become active in social and political protests.

Research in Sociology at Emory (RISE) helps undergraduates gain research experience with faculty or graduate students as research assistants.  

“At Nieman Marcus, I used sociology everyday to understand the social constructs of luxury. What makes things coveted? What qualifies them to be expensive? How is a brand strategically positioned in a retail environment to stand out? My passion for sociology allowed me to be a more thoughtful and informed assistant buyer.”

Seanette Ting 14C Sociology major