After Emory

Position Yourself for What's Next

At Emory, we know employers want employees with a liberal arts education, as do graduate and professional schools. Our graduates are known for their broad knowledge and exceptional abilities to reason and communicate across disciplines. Plus, Emory students have solid skills and experience in their toolkits, developed from four years of pairing liberal arts with research and discovery. Our students are prepared and in demand after graduation.

Enjoy that in-demand feeling

Within less than three months after graduation, Emory graduates are pursuing the following opportunities. Explore how many are in graduate school, full-time employed, or elsewhere, and see where their Emory path has taken them.

Emory College Outcomes

Goizueta Business School Outcomes

School of Nursing Outcomes

Connect with the Career Center

The Career Center offers workshops, programs, and targeted advising for students looking for internships as well as that first job or graduate and professional school acceptance. The PreHealth Mentoring Office and Pre-Law Advising Office offer specialized guidance to interested students all four years.

Network with Power

Yet another powerful career asset for our students is Emory's 149,000 alumni who live worldwide and are engaged in a range of careers. They are an eager resource for students looking for mentoring and advice in their careers and life after Emory.