Majors, Minors, Programs

You can choose from 70+ majors, 50+ minors, a myriad of joint majors, and a variety of pre-professional opportunities. Interested in more than one program? Great—more than half of our students graduate having pursued multiple programs of study. The great thing is that you don’t have to declare a major until the end of your sophomore year, so there is still plenty of time to explore and decide what you want to pursue.

Accounting BBA (Primary Area)
African American Studies BA  |  Minor
African Studies BA  |  Minor
American Studies BA  |  Minor
Analytic Consulting BBA (Secondary Area)
Ancient Mediterranean Studies BA  |  Minor
Anthropology BS  |  Minor
Anthropology and Human Biology BS
Applied Mathematics BS  |  Minor
Applied Mathematics & Statistics BS
Arabic BA | Minor
Architectural Studies Minor
Art History BA  |  Minor
Arts Management BBA (Concentration)
Astronomy Minor
Biology BA  |  BS
Biophysics BS
Business Administration BBA
Business Administration and Quantitative Studies BBA (Joint Program)
Business and Society BBA (Secondary Area)
Catholic Studies Minor
Chemistry BA  |  BS
Chinese BA | Minor
Classical Civilization BA  |  Minor
Classics BA
Classics and English BA (Joint Program)
Classics and History BA (Joint Program)
Classics and Philosophy BA (Joint Program)
Community Building and Social ChangeMinor
Comparative Literature BA  |  Minor
Computer InformaticsMinor
Computer Science BA  |  BS  |  Minor
Dance and Movement Studies BA  |  Minor
DentistryPreprofessional Opportunity
Development StudiesMinor
Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Minor
East Asian Studies BA  |  Minor
Economics BA  |  Minor
Economics and MathematicsBA (Joint Program)
Engineering (Dual Degree with Georgia Tech) BA  |  BS
Engineering Sciences BS
English BA  |  Minor
English and Creative Writing BA
English and History BA (Joint Program)
Entrepreneurship BBA (Secondary Area)
Environmental Sciences BA  |  BS  |  Minor
Environment and Sustainability Management BBA (Concentration)
Ethics Minor
Film Studies BA  |  Minor
Film and Media Management BBA (Concentration)
Finance BBA (Primary Area)
French BA  |  Minor
German Studies BA  |  Minor
Global Development Studies Minor
Global Health, Culture, and Society Minor
Greek BA  |  Minor
Health InnovationBBA (Concentration)
History BA  |  Minor
History and Art HistoryBA (Joint Program)
Human HealthBA
Information Systems and Operations Management BBA (Primary Area)
Interdisciplinary Studies in Society and CultureBA
International BusinessBBA (Secondary Area)
International StudiesBA
Italian Studies BA  |  Minor
Japanese BA  |  Minor
Jewish Studies BA  |  Minor
Korean Minor
Latin BA  |  Minor
Latin American and Caribbean Studies BA  |  Minor
Law Preprofessional Opportunity
Linguistics BA  |  Minor
Lusophone Studies Minor
Marketing BBA (Primary Area)
Mathematics BA  |  BS  |  Minor
Mathematics and Computer ScienceBS (Joint Program)
Mathematics and Political ScienceBA (Joint Program)
Media StudiesBA | Minor
Medicine (PreHealth Studies)Preprofessional Opportunity
Mediterranean ArchaeologyMinor
Middle Eastern and South Asian StudiesBA
Music BA  |  Minor
Neuroscience and Behavioral BiologyBS
Nursing (Dual Degree) BA/BA + BSN
Nursing BSN
Nutrition Science Minor
Optometry Preprofessional Opportunity
Persian Language and Literature Minor
Pharmacy Preprofessional Opportunity
Philosophy BA  |  Minor
Philosophy, Politics, Law BA
Philosophy and Religion BA (Joint Program)
Physical Therapy Preprofessional Opportunity
Physician Assistant Preprofessional Opportunity
Physics BA  |  BS  |  Minor
Physics and Astronomy BA  |  BS
Playwrighting (Creative Writing and Theater Studies) BA (Joint Program)
Podiatry Preprofessional Opportunity
Political Science BA  |  Minor
Predictive Health Minor
Psychology BA
Psychology and Linguistics BA (Joint Program)
Public Health Preprofessional Opportunity
Public Policy Analysis BS
Quantitative Sciences BS
Real Estate BBA (Secondary Area)
Religion BA  |  Minor
Religion and Anthropology BA (Joint Program)
Religion and Classical Civilization BA (Joint Program)
Religion and History BA (Joint Program)
Religion and Sociology BA (Joint Program)
Russian Minor
Russian and East European Studies BA  |  Minor
Science, Culture and SocietyMinor
Sociology BA  |  Minor
Spanish BA  |  Minor
Spanish and LinguisticsBA (Joint Program)
Spanish and Portuguese BA
Strategy and Management Consulting BBA (Primary Area)
Sustainability SciencesMinor
Theater Studies BA  |  Minor
TheologyPreprofessional Opportunity
Veterinary MedicinePreprofessional Opportunity
Visual Arts (Integrated Co-Major)BA
Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies BA  |  Minor