Goizueta Business School

Careers & Placement

95% job placement rate for Class of 2017 within three months of graduation.
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Emory University's Goizueta Business School is a leading BBA program aimed at helping students grow intellectually, personally, and professionally so that they can make significant positive contributions to the organizations they serve and to society as a whole. Students apply to Goizueta's undergraduate business program after their sophomore year at Emory or Oxford colleges.

Transformative Faculty

As thought leaders in their field, our faculty works on modern-day problems, conducting research across disciplines in the global marketplace. Their insights will challenge how you think, and push you to expand your own creativity. They make themselves available to students, whether you need advice on a project or want to explore options beyond the classroom.

Dynamic Learning

At Goizueta, we believe how you learn is just as important as what you learn. For this reason, we require all Goizueta students to complete their first two years of studies in Emory's liberal arts colleges. Your college record during those first two years serves as a predictor of success, and admission to the Goizueta Business School is based on that academic performance as well as leadership and campus engagement.

The business school curriculum focuses on outcomes and problem solving, allowing you to blend theory with real-world scenarios. We help you develop professional leadership skills in everything from public speaking to communications, preparing you for success after graduation.

A Global Stage

The city of Atlanta is one of the many rich resources available to you at Goizueta Business School. From dozens of global headquarters, to hundreds of corporate offices, to the thousands of thriving small businesses in fields such as media, technology and real estate—Atlanta is thriving.

For our students, this means thousands of internship opportunities in the city in a wide array of fields. Many students complete not only one but sometimes two or three internships in their time here, preparing them well for post-college success.