Emory College of Arts and Sciences

Emory College of Arts and Sciences offers a transformative liberal arts education centered on a broad commitment to exploration, creativity and discovery— all energized by our extraordinary faculty and the resources and opportunities of a world-class research university.

Excellent Teachers, Exceptional Scholars

Emory College is Emory University's largest undergraduate division with a diverse cohort of more than 5,600 students from nearly every state and more than 70 countries. Our students are among the very best in the nation and the world. They come from a multitude of backgrounds and experiences that enriches the academic environment for all. Our students possess a passion for learning and knowledge and a desire to make a positive impact on the world.

The College is home to more than 550 full-time faculty members in 44 departments and programs. Our professors are both path-breaking scholars and dedicated teachers. They bring their intellectual zeal into the classroom, sharing their expertise and excitement of new discovery. They support and encourage the development of our students into independent and innovative thinkers.

With 82 percent of our classes fewer than 30 students, Emory professors engage with students from their first days on campus to their lives after graduation. Along the way, they guide students in becoming vital members of our vibrant intellectual community. Students who want to explore their interests in more depth can pursue research that generates new knowledge and creative endeavors.

Chart Your Course

Your Emory College experience will focus on learning in and across the liberal arts. You'll have the opportunity to pursue your studies in traditional disciplines such as history, philosophy, economics, biology and mathematics. You can also explore programs that live between and beyond disciplines and bring together multiple perspectives and methodologies in majors such as human health, African studies, quantitative sciences, and neuroscience.

Craft your own academic path with 70+ majors and 50+ minors to choose from. Your course work will sharpen your judgment, deepen your disciplined thinking and refine your analytical skills, no matter where your path takes you. If your talents and interests include the performing arts, Arts at Emory offers a range of compelling opportunities to engage in music, theater, dance, visual arts, film and multimedia pursuits at any skill level. Work directly with faculty to hone your skills and talents (or discover new ones), create new works, and deepen your understanding of existing art forms.

Value of the Liberal Arts

The liberal arts provide a rigorous introduction to the many ways in which we can explore and understand the world around us as well as each other. Students have an opportunity to master specific areas of their choosing. You'll gain fundamental and universally applicable capacities to tackle complicated problems. You'll learn how to assess arguments and evidence in depth, come to thoughtful conclusions, and communicate those conclusions effectively and persuasively.

These skills are in increasingly high demand in our quickly changing society. Emory alumni now lead in workplaces around the globe. What's more, they tell us that their Emory education was the beginning of a rich, fulfilling lifetime of learning and discovery.