Advising and Student Services

Both Emory College and Oxford College celebrate our students for venturing into new territory and challenging themselves with areas of study previously unfamiliar. For many students, college provides the testing ground for making independent decisions and exploring the academic unknown—but rest assured, you won't make them alone.

Both colleges offer academic advising, major and minor advising, and learning programs such as supplemental instruction sessions, roundtables, and even free one-on-one peer tutoring. These are just some of the ways we collaborate toward your success. Learn more about the advising and student services available at each college below.

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Emory College

Academic Advising and PACE

The primary source of academic support for Emory College students is the Office for Undergraduate Education. Academic advising staff will work with students on routine academic matters, including course and degree planning, as well as provide support during any challenges that may hinder academic progress.

First-year students have a vast network of staff and resources to assist them in their transition to academic life at Emory. All incoming students are part of a unique program called PACE (Pre-major Advising Connection at Emory). Through this program, students are assigned to a faculty adviser and peer orientation leader who guide and mentor throughout the first couple of years of study, until a student declares their major (typically before the end of their second year). The PACE program provides students with the resources and skills necessary to explore a liberal arts and research education, while helping to familiarize students with campus academic and extracurricular opportunities.

Pre-Professional Advising

As a world-class research institution, many Emory students have strong pre-professional interests throughout their undergraduate study. Whether future plans include law school, medical school, business school, or another form of post-undergraduate study, Emory provides extensive pre-professional advising resources.

Pre-Health Advising: The Pre-Health Advising Office integrates and enhances the undergraduate pre-health experience through support program and pre-health advising. The mentoring provided by the PreHealth Mentoring Office staff will help students integrate the research, academic, clinical, service, and study abroad experience needed to apply to health-science professional schools and careers.

Pre-Law Advising: Located in the Career Center, the Pre-Law Advising Office has a mission to educate students about pursuing legal career pathways and prepare them to be successful in the law school application process. This is accomplished through advising, programming, and frequent communications through all four years of undergraduate study.

The Career Center

The Career Center is an invaluable resource for students as they prepare for life after graduation. Each of its counselors specializes in specific areas and is well versed in the skills required for success in employment or graduate school.

Because there are many ways to discover what you enjoy, the center facilitates on-campus recruiting, hosts sessions on resume building and interview preparation, and invites alumni to speak to students about their professions. The Career Center also assists students in selecting a major, seeking admission to graduate and professional school programs, and seeking nonacademic careers. All activities are open to students beginning in their first year.

Additional Student Services

In addition to academic advising, the Office for Undergraduate Education offers Emory students a wide range of support services including mentoring, coaching, and tutoring services. The Academic Coaches Program is a peer-led academic support resource designed to facilitate the development of a wide array of study skills in the undergraduate population. Peer Tutoring and Mentor Groups are available for a variety of specific courses within Emory College. The Emory Writing Center staff includes talented and welcoming undergraduate and graduate tutors eager to work with all writers at all stages of the composing process.

Oxford College

Advising and Services

During their first two years, Oxford College students are provided a wide range of advising and support ranging from faculty advising, course selection support, and counseling. The Counseling and Career Services office supports the Oxford College mission by providing services and programs that assist students in achieving their personal and academic goals.


Peer assistance leaders (PALs) are a select group of sophomores who serve as orientation leaders and co-facilitators in Freshman Seminar classes. During Orientation, those smiling faces with the matching shirts are our PALs. They guide new students through the orientation process. They lead orientation group meetings to help students meet new people and understand the logistics of college life, including class scheduling, campus lingo and traditions, as well as resources on campus. PALs serve as resources and mentors--making the transition to Oxford a little more fun, stress free, and exciting.

Math and Writing Centers

The Oxford Mathematics Center offers tutoring for all math classes. All tutoring is done on a drop-in basis, so no appointments are necessary. Students are encouraged to use the center as a place to do their math homework, asking questions of the director and student tutors as needed.

The Oxford Writing Center offers 45-minute individual peer review conferences for Oxford College students working on academic writing assignments across the liberal arts and sciences curriculum. The tutors are specially trained to work one-to-one with their peers in an open, supportive, and enthusiastic learning environment. The tutors' goal is to engage their peers in lively discussion about ideas as well as the purpose, organization, audience, situation, and coherence of their writing assignments.

Library Services/Research Support

Students, faculty, and staff are welcome to schedule a one-on-one appointment with a librarian for research help. Collaboration between librarians and faculty provides course-integrated library instruction, helping students maximize the resources available to them and become skilled and critical information consumers. Appointments usually last 30 minutes, but you can request more time if needed.

Supplemental Instructors

Supplemental Instruction offers students in historically challenging courses the opportunity to attend weekly review sessions led by students who not only have mastered these difficult courses but who also have demonstrated their ability to lead other students through the course material.