Learning that Inspires and Also Sets You Up

At Emory University, our vibrant intellectual community, faculty thought leaders, and experience-based learning will take you further than you ever imagined.

Our research-university home makes learning different here, allowing us to pair traditional learning—liberal arts—with discovery. You'll use questions, evidence, and experience as you learn, so you'll graduate with knowledge, and also skills to make your impact.

Our professors—the ones who write the books, run the labs, and make discoveries—teach. They also advise students, cheer at games, and eat in the dining hall with everyone else. They'll teach you things that will surprise and inspire you, and you'll connect with them for a lifetime. And you might just find former Pulitzer Prize winning author Hank Klibanoff teaching your Creative Writing class.

Choose from 70+ majors, 50+ minors, and variety of pre-professional options, and create an education that fits you. If you can't decide on one major, you can double major, major and minor, or choose an interdisciplinary path. Our interdisciplinary majors—like the quantitative sciences major—integrate diverse fields, giving you a more complex perspective on what you're learning. You'll learn to think like you will on the job or in grad school.

You'll power up your major with experience-based learning. Through leadership, research, internships, and a global perspective, you'll deepen your liberal arts, make an impact on our campus and community, and position yourself with skills for life after graduation.

At Emory we graduate creative thinkers, problem solvers, and leaders who are inspired to make the world a better place. Imagine what you can do. The world awaits.