Volunteering and Service

We think education should inspire you to change the way we live in the world, whichever corner of it you to choose to tackle first.

And one of the best ways to get started is by engaging in your community.

More than 80 percent of our students volunteered last year through volunteer clubs, weekly service trips, large-scale service days, or alternative breaks. Though we encourage you to find a meaningful outlet for the service you want to participate in, both Emory College and Oxford College campuses offer specific volunteering and service opportunities for students to make an impact.

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Emory College

Volunteer Emory

The one-stop shop for Emory College students' engagement with community service and social justice work is Volunteer Emory. With a mission to collaborate with agents of change for projects that promote learning about self and society, Volunteer Emory is one of the largest student-run organizations on campus. Each week during the academic year, Volunteer Emory facilitates between 20-30 weekly service trips that provide opportunities to engage in meaningful service to the greater Atlanta community. All Volunteer Emory weekly service trips are led by trained Volunteer Emory staff members who have extensive knowledge in the social justice area and community agency associated with each trip. Volunteer Emory also coordinates several large-scale service days for the University each year, which in the past have included 9-11 Day of Service, Emory Cares Day, and World Read Aloud Day.

Alternative Breaks

During fall, winter, and spring breaks, Volunteer Emory organizes international, regional, and local service trips that create meaningful student development experiences while Emory volunteers meet needs identified by various agency partners. Trip sizes vary between 12 and 20 participants, and social justice topics include urban poverty, homelessness, educational disparities, and health inequality and immigrant policy.

Center for Community Partnerships

Our Center for Community Partnerships (CFCP) promotes civic engagement through scholarship, learning, and service. The CFCP is Emory's centralized resource for integrating teaching, research, and service to benefit the Atlanta community. Through academic courses, research programs, and service projects, Emory students, faculty, and staff are mobilized to benefit the public interest and address issues of critical importance to the metro Atlanta regions.

One project organize through the CFCP is Project SHINE (Students Helping in Naturalization and English). This service-learning program links Emory students with refugees and immigrants who are trying to learn English, become US citizens and/or succeed in school. SHINE volunteers function as tutors or teacher's assistants in English as a Second Language classes, citizenship preparation classes, or after school programs.

Oxford College

Volunteer Oxford

Becoming a servant leader—someone who compassionately gives back to solve social issues—is encouraged at Oxford. Volunteer Oxford is a student-driven organization, one of the largest on campus, with a mission to help students develop a commitment to lifelong citizenship while making a positive impact in the surrounding community. Through ongoing service projects and special events, students involved with Volunteer Oxford learn values of collaboration, social responsibility, inquiry-guided learning, and cultural competence. Outreach areas include animal outreach, global outreach, health care and hospitals, hunger and homelessness, environment outreach, women's issues, youth outreach, and education/literacy.

Alternative Breaks

Oxford students benefit from the Alternative Breaks program, which plans service trips for students during academic breaks. Though fall and spring breaks are traditional times for college students to relax, a number of Oxford students instead spend their academic breaks to volunteer in and transform in-need communities. Local and regional service trips are designed to nurture meaningful student development through projects that offer community engagement, exposure to social justice issues and cultural events, and a unique hands-on education. The mission of each trip is to allow students to collaborate with nonprofits and community change agents through service projects and cultural experiences. Trips sizes vary from between 12 and 25 participants and are immersive, engaging students through personal hands-on experiences that may range from repairing homes or working in homeless shelters to assisting with food and community sustainability projects.

Oxford Service Corps

A group of first-year students and sophomores serve the local community through Oxford Service Corps. The mission is to transform the lives of students, enhance the ethos of service in the Oxford College community, and provide meaningful service to the neighborhoods surrounding the college and beyond. Service sites range from juvenile courts to domestic violence shelters to adult literacy programs.