Residential Life

Living on campus is the best way to become part of the campus community and to make friendships you'll have for the rest of your life.

For your first two years at Emory University you are required to live on campus, so we hope you'll visit us to experience what it means to be part of our campus communities. Our undergraduate campuses have their own personalities—so while you'll have similar academic challenges and student activities at both Emory College and Oxford College, your day-to-day life (and the walk to your dorm room) will have a different feel.

For more information about your options for living on campus, please check our residence life pages: Emory College Residence Life and Housing and Oxford College Office of Residential Education and Services.

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Emory College

Emory College Campus

Located in historic Druid Hills a few miles from downtown Atlanta, the tree-lined Emory College campus has a nature preserve at its edge, and at its center, granite buildings capped with clay tile roofs. Sprawling over 600 acres, Emory College shares facilities with the graduate and professional schools, as well as the Emory University Hospital. Life on the Emory College campus is vibrant—whether the community is shopping for groceries at the Tuesday Farmer's Market outside of Cox Hall, grooving to live music at a Wonderful Wednesday, or competing for bragging rights at Songfest. More than two-thirds of students live on campus, making the community close, connected, and active.

Living / Learning Communities

First-year students are offered a variety of housing options. All buildings are coed, and you'll find three distinct floor configurations: single-sex floor, grouped coed floor, or mixed coed floor. First-year residence halls include Alabama Hall; Complex: Hopkins, Smith Thomas; Dobbs Hall; Holmes Hall; Longstreet-Means Hall; Raoul Hall; and Turman Hall. Online building tours can be found through this YouTube playlist. Each of these residence halls is unique, and no matter which one a first-year student is assigned to, their first-year experience will be a great one.

Emory College upperclassmen are also offered a range of living options, including an upperclassman community located on the adjacent Clairmont campus, theme housing, Greek-affiliated housing, and off-campus options. About 45 percent of juniors and 37 percent of seniors choose to live in on-campus housing.

First Year at Emory (FYE)

First Year at Emory (FYE) gives you a jumpstart on your collegiate experience. FYE works toward student success at Emory by linking classroom experiences and academic resources with life in the residence halls and the social events that define the Emory experience, such as Songfest and Semiformal.

FYE also offers a variety of themed communities. The themed communities are designed to encourage you to harness your interests and expand upon them both at Emory and beyond. 2016-2017 themed communities include:

  • Creativity and Arts
  • Exploration
  • Fusion: Engaging in the Liberal Arts
  • Global Cultures: Bringing the World to Emory
  • Health and Happiness
  • Living Green: Sustainability in the 21st Century
  • Social Innovation

Emory Dining

Emory Dining provides quality food using authentic, seasonal dining options prepared with balance and well-being in mind. In addition, we offer vegetarian, made without gluten-containing ingredients, kosher, and halal options to meet all dining needs. All menus are written based on seasonality and availability of regional fresh products.

Emory aims to promote sustainability and become a leader in environmental awareness, striving to provide at least 50 percent local and/or sustainable food. Staff are committed to expanding, inspiring, and enhancing campus dining culture, health awareness, sustainability, and sense of community through the use of chef-driven restaurant quality, seasonal, and nutritious food.

Student input matters. The Food Advisory Committee Emory (FACE) is a student-run group that is designed to bring together Emory students and Dining staff. Monthly meetings are open to the public in order to update the student body with what's new in dining and provide an outlet for suggestions.

Oxford College

Emory University's Original Home

Being on Oxford College's campus is like taking part of a historical scavenger hunt. There are tons of key pieces of the University's history located over 56 acres, including Phi Gamma and Few Halls, the University's two oldest academic buildings. Atlanta is 45 minutes away, but there's a lot of charm close to home in Covington, Georgia, a picturesque community where students gather to enjoy a morning cup of coffee, lay out in the grass to study, or eat dinner with their professors. Covington Square is host to many long-standing traditions between Oxford College and the City of Covington, including CultureFest, where incoming first-year students set up booths and host performances and competitions to share the world's diverse cultural expressions with the city's residents.

Oxford College is known, however, for its tight-knit community of students, faculty, and staff. It's not uncommon at all to be greeted by name as you stroll the campus walks, or to be cheered for raucously as you cycle to glory at the Oxford Olympics. Faculty, staff, and students alike gather at Lil's for a traditional dining hall experience (and the annual late-night Pancake Breakfast).

Residence Halls

Oxford College boasts four different residential areas: Elizer and Murdy Halls, Fleming Hall, Jolley Residential Center, and Haygood Hall. All students at Oxford College are required to live on campus. The on-campus living experience provides a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in your college experience. Oxford residence halls have both professional and student staff members who live and work in the hall with you in order to ease the transition from high school to collegiate life.

Dining Options

Oxford College offers two different dining options for students: Lil's Marketplace and Ox Grill. Oxford Dining uses fresh, seasonal, and authentic ingredients to provide quality food and a healthy dining experience. The Oxford College Organic Farm provides Oxford Dining with fresh, locally sourced ingredients on a daily basis. All meals are prepared with balance and well-being in mind. We offer options that are vegan, vegetarian, and made without gluten containing ingredients to meet a variety of dining needs. All menus are written based on seasonality and availability of regional fresh products.