Visiting Students

Visiting Students

Emory University welcomes applications from transient students—students who wish to enhance their studies at their home institutions by enrolling at Emory College of Arts and Sciences for one or two semesters. As a transient student, you are not admitted into an Emory College degree program, but your credits here may count toward your degree program at your primary place of study.

The Office of the Registrar is responsible for all Transient Study applications. In addition, the Registrar is responsible for granting credit to current Emory College students with transient credit from another institution. Though there are many reasons for transient status, often a transient student is here only for summer school. Oxford College does not offer programs for transient students. Applicants not offered admission to Emory College are not eligible for transient study.
Note: if you are seeking full-time enrollment you need to apply as a transfer student.

The Office of the Registrar may be reached at 404-727-6042 or you may download the Transient Application.

Student in Special Standing

Employees of Emory University and Emory Healthcare qualify as a Student in Special Standing. As a student in special standing, Emory employees may take course work at the university on a part-time basis and as a non-degree-seeking student. Please note, if you have already earned a Bachelor's degree or higher you will need to contact the Laney Graduate School to take undergraduate-level courses. The Graduate School can be reached at 404-727-6028 or

Student in Special Standing applicants must submit the completed Application for Students in Special Standing along with an official high school transcript with graduation date or official college transcript and a $50 non-refundable application fee. The deadline for fall admission is July 1 and for spring admission December 1. For summer school the applicant should consult Emory College’s website and the specific instructions for summer study.

As Emory employees, students in special standing may qualify for the University's Courtesy Scholarship. Applicants must complete the Courtesy Scholarship application in OPUS. For more information about the Courtesy Scholarship employees should reach out to their departmental Human Resources representative or visit Emory Human Resources benefits site.

If a student wishes to continue as a student in special standing for any subsequent semester, he or she must notify the Office of Admission in writing no later than thirty days prior to the beginning of the next semester. This must be done for each semester in which the student wishes to enroll. If the student fails to notify the Office of Admission and enrolls through the regular registration process, his or her registration will automatically be canceled, and the student will have to wait until the following semester to reapply.

Acceptance as a student in special standing in no way obligates Emory University to accept such a student at a later date as a degree candidate. If a student in special standing applies as a degree candidate at a later date, he or she must do so through the normal admission process and will not be given any special consideration because of his or her attendance at Emory as a student in special standing.

Non-Degree Seeking Students

The Emory University Office of Undergraduate Admission does not admit non-degree seeking students. If you are interested in taking courses as a non-degree student please contact the Office of the Registrar.