Emory University Title

Office of Undergraduate Admission

Emory University Title

Office of Undergraduate Admission

Virtual visits are available, and we look forward to connecting with you. Visit coronavirus updates for more information.


Our Commitment

During the unique time in our collective history, Emory is committed to doing its very best to engage with you. We want to provide:

  • Authentic conversations with current students
  • Connection points with esteemed faculty
  • Ways to explore campus and see our facilities

There are a variety of engagement opportunities below, and on the Events tab. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we pulled these opportunities together.

Virtual Tour

We realize virtual tours are not the same as being on campus, but they showcase many of the facilities you'd have access to (some of which you wouldn't see on a campus tour).

Connect with Current Students

Talking to current students is the most authentic way to learn about the student experience. What is it like to be here? Or, to go to college in the South? What is the campus community like? And who is their favorite professor and why?

The vast majority of students involved in these connection points are volunteers. We've encouraged our students to be real about why they chose Emory and what continues to inspire them about our community.

There are also many live chats planned for April and available on the Events page.

Parent/Guardian Opportunities

Parents and guardians, we want you to connect with other parents/guardians and loved ones and get your questions answered, too. Like with our students, we encourage you to ask whatever questions are on your mind. We will do our best to answer them or find the answer for you. The groups below include a mix of alumni, faculty, and staff from across campus, eager to answer any questions you have.

Know, too, that you are invited to join any webinar offered through the Events page.