Admission Staff Contacts

Recent hurricanes and national disasters have impacted many students, families, and schools this application season. If this includes you, know that you are in our thoughts. We understand that your first priority is recovery, rebuilding, and supporting your community, and you may be facing unknowns related to your academic plans.

We will work with students and schools on a case-by-case basis regarding application deadlines and material submission extensions.

Please contact the admission staff for your region for further information and to ask questions specific to your circumstances.


Madeline Clifton, Admission Counselor
San Diego, South Orange County, Greater Imperial Valley

Joel Dobben, Assistant Dean
Northern California and Central Valley

Giles Eady, Senior Assistant Dean
Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Inland Empire, and Orange County

Dominican Republic

Chelsey Garcia, Admission Advisor


Travis Culver, Associate Dean of Admission
All of Florida except Broward, Collier, Dade, Hendry, Monroe, and Palm Beach counties

William Segura, Senior Assistant Dean
South Florida, including Broward, Collier, Dade, Hendry, Monroe, and Palm Beach counties


Giles Eady, Senior Assistant Dean


Madeline Clifton, Admission Counselor

Puerto Rico

Chelsey Garcia, Admission Advisor


Timothy Fields, Associate Dean of Admission

U.S. Virgin Islands

Giles Eady, Senior Assistant Dean

My area is not listed here.
Please visit our full list of admission representatives for further contact information.