Voices of Emory

Our students are the heartbeat of the campus community, which is just as much a part of your choosing the right college as the academics. With this in mind, here is a space for current students to share why they chose Emory and what they've experienced.

As you watch the videos, you'll notice that each student has a unique story. But there is also a common thread of being at an institution that both challenges and supports student success. These are the voices of Emory University.

Voices Of Emory (Maddie Clifton)
Maddie Clifton 14OX, 16C
Political Science and Interdisciplinary Studies double major
Savannah, Georgia

Voices of Emory (Ami Fields-Meyer)
Ami-Fields Meyer 16C
History major, African American Studies minor
Los Angeles, California

Voices of Emory (Nicole Asante)
Nicole Asante 16C
Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology and Integrated Visual Arts (Co-Major)
North Providence, Rhode Island

Voices of Emory: Julia Bassell
Julia Bassell 17C
Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology
Decatur, Georgia

Voices of Emory: Pranati Kohli
Pranati Kohli 18C
Mathematics and Political Science joint major; Economics minor
New Delhi, India

Voices Of Emory: Jamesetta Tambah
Jamesetta Tambah 17C
Psychology major; African Studies minor
Chicago, Illinois

Voices Of Emory: Matthew Ribel
Matthew Ribel 19C
Political Science and Healthcare Innovation double major
South Riding, Virginia

Voices Of Emory: Tomisin Ogunsanya
Tomisin Ogunsanya 18C
Political Science major; Economics minor
Lagos, Nigeria

Voices of Emory: Harry Teplow
Harry Teplow 18C
Human Health major, Nutrition Science minor
Boston, Massachusetts

Voices of Emory: Ignacio Aguirre
Ignacio Aguirre 18C
Lima, Peru

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