At Emory University, you will have a stimulating academic experience no matter where you begin. Faculty at Emory College and Oxford College are leading scholars, scientists, artists, and writers—and they want to teach undergraduates like you. But for some students, it’s not enough to debate with Salman Rushdie, or study psychology with Frans de Waal. If you’re the kind of student who desires to reach further, push harder, and make real change in this world, we invite you to nominate yourself for the Emory University Scholar Programs.

Emory College, Oxford College, and the Goizueta Business School offer merit-based scholarships to incoming first-year students through the Emory University Scholar Programs. Emory University Scholars are “intellectually carbonated” individuals, leaders among their peers, and “spark plugs” in their communities. They are forward-thinkers who stretch the boundaries of intellectual inquiry, artists with distinctive talents and creativity, and difference-makers that act as catalysts for positive change. (Due note, that to be considered for the Emory University Scholar Programs you need to submit your application by the November 15 deadline.)

We invite you to read more about this unique program from the perspectives of current scholars—and then challenge you to think of the ways you could use the scholarship to instill change in the community and make your mark.

  • Emory Scholar
    Adam Feldenkris >>
  • Goizueta Scholar
    Catie Morette >>
  • Oxford Scholar
    Christopher “Kit” Skjeie >>

Adam Feldenkris, Emory Scholar

Solon High School (Solon, Ohio)

Adam is a freshman at Emory College originally from a suburb just outside of Cleveland, Ohio. He is planning on double majoring in French and another (undecided) subject.

Adam has certainly hit the ground running; after only being on campus for hardly two months, he sings in a renowned A Cappella group, is an ESL (English as a Second Language Tutor), and conducts research through SIRE (Scholarly Inquiry and Research at Emory) for a professor in the French department for his newest book to be published next year. Adam is also an active member of the Inter-Religious Council, Emory Student Ambassadors, and Project Shine. In his free time, Adam enjoys running, exploring the music scene of Atlanta, and supporting all of his hometown Cleveland athletic teams!

Adam has just started his journey as a Scholar, and is extremely thankful for those who have helped him get here. Below are Adam’s answers to some questions we asked.

Thinking about your choice of going to Emory College, tell me about the moment when you knew this was the place for you?

I had two reveal moments: one when I knew I wanted to go to Emory and one when I found out I would be able to attend Emory. The first happened on my tour. Emory was the first school I had visited (out of almost thirty) that I finally understood the concept of "being able to see myself somewhere." Like a first love with much fewer Adele songs written about it, Emory was the first school I could really see myself loving. The second moment came after Emory Scholars weekend. The day after, Dean Brzinski calls all of the attendees to tell them what scholarship they got. Most people play it cool, thank her and give her vague answers as they await the remainder of their decisions. I, on the other hand, immediately started crying and promising Dean Brzinski that she would see me in the Fall.

What were the other schools that you considered, and why did those opportunities fall short of what Emory offered?

My final decision came between Emory, Cornell University and Bowdoin College in Maine. It was not a hard decision. I saw little to no disparity in the academic quality and future opportunities, wanted to live in civilization for the next four years and, considering the $60,000/year price difference, had no trouble whatsoever ruling other schools out.

What obstacles did you face and overcome to reach Emory? Tell me about your lowest point—Was there a time you thought you would quit or could not go on?

This may not be a lowest point per se, but I certainly did fill out my Scholars application with the thought in my head that I didn't have any chance whatsoever of getting it. Obviously, with results to the contrary, I think that this is a lesson to me and to everyone that nothing is worth counting out. While this does not happen to everyone, many great things happen from people that, at least at one point, felt like they had no shot of accomplishing what they ended up doing.

How do you see Emory's investment in you spreading to others and changing the world?

Because I was given such a special opportunity to attend Emory, I feel a duty to live up to expectations and truly excel. Rather than just cruise by and come out inconspicuously four years later, someone made a humbling investment in me to do so much more. This notion often comes into my decision-making processes and encourages me to continually strive for my absolute best, help my peers seek the same, and set the best example I can.

Catie Morette, Goizueta Scholar

Winnetka, Illinois

Catie Morette is a Goizueta scholar and senior in the Goizueta School of Business, with a concentration in Strategy and Management Consulting. She is originally from Winnetka, Illinois and was drawn to Emory for both its liberal arts and pre-professional opportunities.

Catie has passionately committed herself to being a student leader on campus since first arriving. She serves as president of the Student Alumni Board as well as the Goizueta Consulting Club. She is also an active member of her sorority, an undergraduate representative for the Goizueta Honor Council, a campus tour guide, and the Vice President of Operations for Emory’s Annual Dance Marathon. As a senior, Catie has taken advantage of the countless opportunities available to her.

Thinking about your choice of going to Emory, tell me about the moment when you knew this was the place for you? Tell me about the "reveal" moment.

I was always very interested in Emory because of the ability to combine a liberal arts education with a two-year undergraduate business degree. That being said, it wasn’t until I came to campus for my scholarship interview that I understood what makes Emory such a special place. It’s hard not to fall in love with this place when you first walk onto campus, but it was the students I met that won me over. I was stunned by the campus’s incredible beauty, the southern hospitality, and the contagious energy of the students. Even today I would say it’s the dynamic, energetic, and passionate student community that makes Emory distinct from other mid-sized research institutions.

What were the other schools that you considered, and why did those opportunities fall short of what Emory offered?

When deciding on colleges, I looked at top-tier liberal arts schools and highly-regarded undergraduate business programs. What eventually drew me to Emory was the opportunity to have the best of both worlds. It is incredibly unique to have the benefits of a BBA program, while still surrounding myself in the liberal arts, and I love balancing my business coursework with history classes. In comparison to other schools and programs, I found Emory to be very collaborative. Students are brilliant, but Emory lacks the vicious, cut-throat sense of competition that I sensed at other schools. Emory students have a very healthy sense of competition, and I knew that at Emory I would receive a first-class business education without having to fight for it.

What achievement so far in your life are you most proud of? Why? What does this achievement reveal about what is important to you?

I don’t know if I have a single accomplishment I am most proud of. I see each accomplishment as a stepping stone to greater development. I was very proud to be selected into the Goizueta Scholars program as a high school senior. This incredible opportunity helped to propel me into interesting opportunities at Emory early on, which in turn was a large factor in who I am today. I am very proud I decided to enroll in Emory, and am proud of all the wonderful memories I will carry with me after graduation.

What resources and allies did you draw upon to keep going to get here?

The Goizueta Scholars Program is composed of incredible students with diverse academic, extracurricular, and career interests. It is such an engaging, diverse community that has enriched my Emory experience. In addition, I have been very fortunate to have the support of the BBA Program Office throughout my time at Emory. They have been an incredible resource since freshmen year as I selected classes, determined my major, and sought out internships and full time jobs. They’ve been there every step of the way, and I couldn’t be more grateful for their support.

What are your goals, and what ways do you hope Emory will help you achieve them?

Emory University has prepared me to be successful in my career. Through my coursework, I have learned how to think about problems; I have learned how to analyze problems, communicate findings, arguments, and recommendations, and to synthesize a large amount of data. Outside of the classroom, my extracurriculars and leadership taught me how to be both a team player and team leader. It’s these important skills that I’ll take with me after graduation. After graduation, I will be working for Bain & Company in their Atlanta office, where I look forward to continuing the education I’ve begun at Emory. I don’t know what my destination in life is, or what I consider my dream job, but I’m looking forward to figuring it out one step at a time.

Christopher “Kit” Skjeie, Oxford Scholar

Manhattan Beach, California

Christopher “Kit” Skjeie is a junior from Manhattan Beach, California, and began his Emory experience at Oxford College of Emory as an Oxford Scholar. Kit seized every opportunity he could at Oxford, where he served as an Admission Coordinator and Tour Guide, orientation leader, and co-facilitator for a freshman class on a variety of diversity topics. He also served as co-captain of the Ultimate Frisbee Club. In his free time, Kit enjoys running half marathons, as well as learning and educating others about sustainable lifestyles (a continuation of his work in high school with the Los Angeles Conservation Corps).

Kit has just started his first semester on Emory’s Atlanta campus at the Goizueta Business School, where his Oxford Scholars scholarship carries over. He is concentrating in Finance, and is currently pledging the Professional Business Fraternity, Alpha Kappa Psi, which provides professional development to brothers.

Thinking about your choice of going to Oxford/Emory, tell me about the moment when you knew this was the place for you? Tell me about the "reveal" moment.

Deciding where to attend school was one of the most difficult choices of my life. I really wanted to go to a school that seemed to have a genuine interest in me, and was committed to cultivating my academic curiosity and furthering my potential, both within and beyond the classroom. Oxford College of Emory University was this to me. When I was personally called and informed that I received the Oxford Dean’s Scholarship, I knew Oxford was making an investment in me and had everything I wanted.

What were the other schools that you considered, and why did those opportunities fall short of what Emory offered?

Coming from Los Angeles, California, I naturally considered many of the California schools nearby. I also considered smaller liberal arts schools on the East Coast. Emory, though, especially stood out to me most with its commitment to service, ability to finance student activities, and its premiere business school, Goizueta.

What resources and allies did you draw upon to keep going to get here?

My friends have been an inexhaustible source of aid to me. Surrounding myself with friends who are likewise ambitious, competitive, and generous with their support has been one of the reasons that I could develop higher expectations of myself. It’s my belief that people are strongly influenced by their community of friends. They play a fundamental role in shaping the development of young people in particular. My advice to students considering Emory is to surround themselves with friends with driven mind-sets. Doing so will only help to ensure you constantly push yourself as far as you can go.

What are your long term goals, and how do you expect Oxford/Emory to get you there?

With regards to a career path, I hope to pursue business. My family is full of lawyers and I was determined to break that trend. However, upon arriving at Emory I wasn’t sure what sort of business I was interested in pursuing. Goizueta’s impressive career management center has played an instrumental role in helping me decide where my true passion lies, and the according career opportunities available. Ideally, I would like to finance companies that are seeking economically efficient forms of desalination. Desalination could be crucial to solving our increasingly precarious water shortage and I would love to play a part in its development. Goizueta’s exceptional finance concentration teaches all the necessary skills I will require in all my pursuits.