Prepare for an Alumni Interview

Hear from a current alumni interviewer on how best to prepare for an interview and what to expect.

For the 2018-19 application cycle, we offer an alumni interview program whereby Early Decision and Regular Decision first-year applicants are invited to interview with a local Emory alumnus. Please note, prospective students and applicants are unable to request an interview, and on-campus interviews with admission staff are not offered. An interview is not required for admission to Emory College or Oxford College. The lack of an interview will not adversely affect an applicant's chance for admission, as many successful applicants will not be invited to interview.

An alumni interview is a chance for an applicant to discuss ideas that they are passionate about in a cordial, low-key environment. Alumni interview volunteers serve as a liaison for applicants who the admission staff is unable to meet face-to-face. Overall, the alumni interview should be viewed as a conversation, allowing applicants to learn more about the university and for volunteers to get to know applicants.

Alumni interviews are offered in the following states:

*Note Midwest states will be added for the 2019-2020 application cycle.

Alumni interviews are also offered in the following countries:

Applicants in these states and countries may receive an invitation to interview via email from mid-October through early February. Because applications go through several reviews, it is impossible to predict when or whether an applicant will be invited to an alumni interview. Not all applicants in these states and countries will be invited to interview, as the number of applicants selected will depend on the number of available alumni interviewers in each area.

Interviews will be both informative and evaluative. If you are invited to interview, we strongly encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity. Interviews will be conducted by trained alumni in an applicant's local area and typically take place in a coffee shop. If an applicant declines an interview invitation, it will not adversely impact the review of their application by the admission committee.

It is important to note that both the selection to be interviewed and the timing of that selection have no bearing on the likelihood of acceptance to Emory or Oxford. Due to the design of our alumni interview program, the majority of applicants across the United States and around the world will not be invited to interview. These applicants in no way will be disadvantaged and the admission committee will closely evaluate applicant essays and recommendations to learn more about a student.