We believe that college is not about reading thick tomes and attending lectures.

Yes, you’ll have some heavy textbooks, and yes, we’ll expect you to be in class. But we know that Emory and Oxford students—driven, curious, brilliant students, all—learn best when they are in charge of how they learn. And a good college experience provides you opportunities to chart your own path. Both Emory College and Oxford College help you customize your undergraduate experience, tailoring your learning to your interests.

Emory undergraduates can choose from 71 majors, 57 minors, and 9 pre-professional programs, from such well-defined fields as history and economics, to artistic endeavors like creative writing or dance, to our pioneering programs in predictive health and quantitative methods. Or use our existing programs as building blocks, creating an academic plan unique to your career aspirations. Supplement your coursework with internships, study abroad trips, research, or the arts, and you’ll have the catalyst for a truly life-defining experience.

Maybe you want a hands-on experience in the field, working with industry professionals to determine the best way to solve an issue. Or maybe you dream of assisting faculty with cutting-edge research in state-of-the-art labs, poring over a complex problem. Perhaps you picture college as a series of long conversations with other students and professors, finding new angles on topics that deeply interest you.

However you move forward, you’ll have the full support and guidance of your academic adviser, faculty members, and Career Center staff.