Tuition and Fees

To help you plan, here we provide the estimated expenses for the 2015–2016 academic year. Some of these costs are set expenses you will pay; others are estimated for travel, incidentals and other costs and they may vary, yet we include them when putting together a student’s need-based award. Please visit the Financial Aid Office website for further information on the cost of attendance breakdown.

Billed Costs Explanation
Emory College 
Oxford College 
Tuition This fixed charge includes 12 (or more) credit hours with a maximum of 32 per semester. $45,700 $41,000
Fees This amount includes fixed athletic, activity, and mental health fees. First-year students also pay a $100 orientation fee. $614 $614
Housing Emory students living in residence halls are billed for a specific hall; Oxford students pay the same rate regardless of hall. This figure represents the average charge for a double room and includes all utilities, cable television, and a campus computer network connection. This is an average and may be more or less than your actual charges. $7,720 $7,636
Food This estimated food expense assumes using on-campus dining facilities. All undergraduates living in on-campus housing are required to participate in a meal plan. $5,410 $3,870
Books This cost is variable, depending on what classes you take. The campus bookstore calculates this amount as the average expense for required books. $1,224 $1,224
Travel and Incidentals Actual expenses will vary by student. This figure includes a modest travel allowance, incidentals such as laundry, cell phone, grooming, and entertainment. This is not charges to the student. $2,390 $2,390
Total (estimated)   $63,058 $56,734

* Emory and Oxford costs vary as a result of the fact that they support campuses with different programs and facilities.