Early Decision

Is ED right for you?
Are you contemplating whether to apply Early Decision? Check out this blog post that provides advice to assist students with choosing whether to apply Early Decision or not.

Students who have selected Emory University as their first choice and wish to receive an admission decision early in the year may do so by applying for admission under one of two Early Decision plans. Both Early Decision plans are binding, meaning that if Emory admits you, and if Emory makes the education affordable, you must pay your admission deposit and enroll the following fall. Students can apply Early Decision to Emory University, choosing Emory College, Oxford College, or both. The Early Decision agreement, required of all Early Decision applicants, must be signed by the student, parent, and school counselor. If applying to Emory College, Oxford College, or both through the Early Decision admission plan, the signatures on this agreement serve both campuses. Other than the application dates/deadlines, there is no difference between EDI and EDII; the admission review processis identical for both options.

If you apply Early Decision to both Emory College and Oxford College, and you are admitted Early Decision to only one campus, then you will need to pay your admission deposit to that division. If you are accepted to both Emory College and Oxford College Early Decision, you have until the deposit date to choose which campus to attend. If you are planning to apply to both Colleges, it is recommended you do so at the same time either using Early Decision for both, Regular Decision for both, or a mixture of plans.

If you are contemplating Early Decision to Emory University, we recommend you read this article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution where Dean of Admission John Latting talks about making the choice to apply Early Decision.

Early Decision I

Admission and Financial Aid Application Deadline: November 1
Notification Date: By December 15
Deposit Deadline: January 15

Note: ED I students interested in need-based financial aid must submit the CSS PROFILE and the previous year's tax documents by November 15.

Early Decision II

Admission and Financial Aid Application Deadline: January 1
Notification Date: By February 15
Deposit Deadline: March 1

Note: ED II students interested in need-based financial aid must submit the CSS PROFILE and the previous year's tax documents by January 15.

Frequently Asked Questions about Early Decision

Can I apply early decision to more than one college/university?

No. You may apply Early Decision to only one college/university in any given application cycle. The exception to this is students selecting to apply to both Emory College and Oxford College under an Early Decision plan, as both colleges are part of the same university. You may apply to other colleges and universities under Regular Decision or rolling admission plans. If a student is admitted under the Early Decision Plan, they must withdraw any active applications from other institutions immediately. Please be aware that if a student does not abide by the ED contract then they forfeit their admission to Emory and will not be able to enroll at a later date. We strongly urge students not to apply Early Decision if there is the possibility of later breaking the ED contract.

What does “binding” Early Decision mean?

It means that you are entering into an ethical agreement stating that Emory/Oxford is your first choice school and if admitted with adequate financial aid, you will enroll and withdraw all other college applications you have filed.

Can I apply to another college/university under an early action program?

The Early Decision agreement is binding, so you may not apply to any other school under an early decision plan or a single-choice early action plan. You may still apply to other schools under a nonbinding early action plan, rolling admission, or regular decision plan.

When is the admission deposit due for early decision?

The nonrefundable deposit of $475 is due by January 15 (ED I) or March 1 (ED II). Along with this deposit we require a signed deposit agreement from you, a parent/guardian, and your high school counselor that states that you fully understand the terms of your early decision admission.

When must I withdraw my other college applications?

You must withdraw any other college applications you have filed at the time you make your nonrefundable deposit of $475, due January 15 (ED I) or March 1 (ED II).

What are the other possible admission decisions if I am not offered Early Decision admission?

The possible decisions resulting from an Early Decision application are acceptance, deferral to Regular Decision (ED I), wait list (ED II), or deny. For students deferred to our Regular Decision plan, notification of admission will be received by April 1. Under Regular Decision, you may apply to other colleges and universities. Students who are deferred to Regular Decision should send first semester senior grades from their high school and any new application information.

If the Admission Committee concludes that Emory/Oxford is not a good match for you, we will inform you of a deny decision with other Early Decision candidates. This decision is a final decision and you are not permitted to apply again under Regular Decision. (You may initiate a transfer application after competing one year of college work elsewhere.)

Will I receive a financial aid award prior to my deposit deadline?

Yes, if you have filed a College Scholarship Service (CSS) PROFILE form by our deadline of November 15 (ED I) or January 1 (ED II), you will receive a financial aid evaluation before the deposit deadline. You also must submit complete copies of your and your parent’s previous year’s U.S. income tax documents. Later in the spring, you must submit the FAFSA and a copy of your family’s tax returns for the year that just ended.

Can I apply for the Emory University Scholars Program as well as be an applicant for Early Decision?

Certainly. You should be aware, however, that Emory University Scholars Program awards are not finalized until early April. If your decision to attend Emory is dependent upon receiving a merit-based scholarship, you are advised to apply under Regular Decision.

Can I change my application from Early Decision to Regular Decision?

Yes. Notify the Admission office in writing by November 15 (ED I) or by January 15 (ED II). Your application will be moved to the Regular Decision plan, with admission notification by April 1.